July 11th

Andrew Calhoun

Andrew Calhoun

We welcome back the resonant baritone of singer/songwriter Andrew Calhoun, who will present a concert of songs, poems, and background about the Scottish poet and lyricist, Robert Burns. The songs will be performed to their original melodies, the poems translated by Andrew from the Scots. No open mic to allow time for this unique feature.

Scotland's Robert Burns composed, collected and reworked songs - 370 of them. The majority were composed to existing melodies which had no previous lyrics. Of his most famous songs, few are sung to the tunes he indicated for them. Hearing the lyrics with their proper melodies is the difference between the lightning and the lightning bug. Burns very specifically matches imagery from nature - and their corresponding moods - to the shapes of the melody. In addition to Burns' songs, Andrew has painstakingly translated the bulk of Robert Burns' broad Scots poetry, matching beats, and rhyme, for an upcoming book, Warlock Rhymer. 

  $8 suggested donation includes refreshments. No reservations needed.



Ethical Humanist Society   7574 Lincoln Ave    Skokie  IL  60077


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