October  2016


Sunday, October 23rd


Clark Elliott, Ph.D.

professor of artificial intelligence and cognitive science at DePaul University


"The Ghost in My Brain: How I Recovered from the Concussion that Stole my Life"

Clark Elliott, professor of artificial intelligence and cognitive science at DePaul University, will discuss how he recovered from a debilitating traumatic brain injury with the help of two Chicago-area research clinicians working on the cutting edge of brain plasticity.



Sunday, October 30th


Seth Darling

Research Scientist at Argonne National Laboratory

"The End of Water As We Know It"

We are witnessing the end of the golden age of water. Freshwater was once abundant, cheap and safe for humans, but that is changing rapidly. Couple that with the fact that over the next 35 years, the world’s demand for water will rise by 55 percent, and it’s no wonder that water technology and management figure to shape the 21st century much like oil conflicts influenced the 20th century.


November 2016

Sunday, November 6th


Al Yellon

managing editor of Bleed Cubbie Blue

"Bleed Cubbie Blue: A Die Hard Look at the Cubs and Their Fans "

Join Al Yellon, editor of the well-known blog Bleed Cubbie Blue, for a discussion of the history of the Chicago Cubs, the story of how the blog developed, and insights on this year’s team. Mr. Yellon will entertain us with stories from the perspective of a long-time Cubs fan.


Sunday, November 13th


Storytown Improv

an all-ages program


From superheroes to undersea adventures, princesses to dinosaurs, Storytown will take us on an interactive, fully improvised adventure! They'll use our suggestions and ideas to create a story just for us. Kids design the setting and help shape the story, and they actors, artists, and musicians bring it to life! When the possibilities are endless, no two stories are ever the same. We’ll see you in Storytown!




Sunday, November 20th


Dana Suskind, MD

Professor of Surgery and Pediatrics at the University of Chicago and the Director of the Thirty Million Words Initiative

"Thirty Million Words: Building a Child’s Brain"

Professor of Surgery and Pediatrics at the University of Chicago and the Director of the Thirty Million Words Initiative, Dr. Dana Suskind will share her observations of disparities in the language development of young Children. As early as nine months of age, infants born into poverty score lower in cognitive development than their more affluent peers. This disparity triples by the age of two, and by their fourth birthday, these vulnerable children were found to have heard 30 million fewer words than others their age. This profound disparity in early language environments—known as the national word gap— has a cascade of consequences for cognitive development, school readiness, academic achievement, occupational status, and health and social wellbeing later in life.

Dr. Suskind will share the science behind TMW, and describe some of the current interventions under the Thirty Million Words Initiative that utilize existing social and health infrastructures—like Early Head Start centers and pediatric clinics—to engage adults and children in using their words to build a child’s brain and to disseminate critical public health information from the start.



Sunday, November 27th


Dr. Daniel Ivankovich

orthopedic surgeon, humanitarian, and co-founder of OnePatient Global Health Initiative

"Transforming Chicago: OnePatient At a Time"

Dr. Daniel Ivankovich will share the inspiration behind and the day-to-day life of the Chicago-based nonprofit OnePatient Global Health Initiative that treats patients with musculoskeletal health disorders, regardless of their ability to pay and without prejudice.



Sunday, December 11th


Chris Johnson

New York-based photographer and filmmaker


"A Better Life: An Exploration of Joy & Meaning in a World Without God "

Photographer and filmmaker, Christopher Johnson, will take us on a journey of creating his book and movie about how a diverse group of 100 non-believers derive meaning and joy from their lives not in spite of their atheism, but because of it.










Nov. 12
8:00 pm. 


Avanti Guitar Trio


$8 suggested donation includes refreshments.

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