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Our Sunday School for children meets concurrently.


January 2018


Sunday, January 21


Susan Trieschmann


"Curt’s Café - Serving The Underserved"

Susan will discuss her work with Curt’s Café and the path that led her to create this vibrant, successful Evanston-based not-for-profit organization. At Curt’s, at-risk young adults are taught marketable skills and then assisted in securing employment. Student-trainees learn culinary techniques along with the life skills that help them gain the confidence to become job-ready.


Sunday, January 28


Gail Lukasik


"I Kept My Mother’s Racial Secret for 17 Years: White Like Her"

Gail Lukasik is a mystery author, a former ballerina, and a UIC writing instructor. While researching her family roots, she discovered her mother was “passing" as white. Complying with her mother’s wishes, Gail kept that secret for 17 years. She recently told her family story of race and racial passing in her newly published book, White Like Her: My Family’s Story Of Race and Racial Passing. In the historical context of the Jim Crow South, Gail explores her mother’s decision to pass, how she hid her secret even from her own husband, and the price she paid for choosing whiteness.

Copies of Gail's book, White Like Her: My Family’s Story Of Race And Racial Passing, will be on sale during the coffee hour.


Sunday, February 4


Eugenia Cheng


"Beyond Infinity: To the Outer Limits of Mathematics"

How big is the universe? How many numbers are there? And is infinity + 1 the same as 1 + infinity? Such questions occur to young children and our greatest minds. And they are all the same question: What is infinity? Dr. Cheng will take us on a staggering journey from elemental math to its loftiest abstractions. Along the way, she will consider how to make infinite music, how to take infinite selfies, how to create infinite cookies from a finite ball of dough, and how one little symbol holds the biggest idea of all.

Copies of Dr. Cheng's latest book Beyond Infinity: An Expedition to the Outer Limits of Mathematics will be on sale after the program.


Sunday, February 11


Anastasia Gensler



"Mindfulness: Learning to Live in the Moment"

Anastasia Gensler, a certified mindfulness instructor and health and wellness practitioner, will introduce our audience to the basic principles of mindful awareness practice and its scientific underpinnings. She will tell us about the positive, life-changing outcomes she has witnessed in herself and others who have learned to put the brakes on in our fast-paced world. She will discuss how mindful awareness practice helps us build the capacity to pay attention to our experience without resisting the moment as it is, ruminating over the past, or being anxious and fearful about the future.


Sunday, February 18


Jacob Mueller



"The Way Home: A Transgender Journey"

Jacob Mueller, Director of Administrative Operations in the Department of Medical Education at the UIC College of Medicine, will share with us his personal journey as a male born into a female body, and the transition that helped him find his true self. He will tell us about his lifelong struggle with gender and his work to educate others about gender identity and transgender people.


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