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Our Sunday School for children is on hiatus for the summer.


June 2017


Sunday, June 25


Lisa Barrow



"The Expansion of High School Choice in Chicago Public Schools"

Public high school choice in Chicago expanded dramatically between 2002 and 2016, both in terms of the number of public high school options and the share of students choosing to attend a school other than their neighborhood high school. We investigate trends in high school student enrollment and public high school options for ninth graders in Chicago Public Schools (CPS) over this period and document how changes in enrollment patterns have changed the demographic make-up of schools by type, sorting of students across schools, and even the distance students are traveling to attend school.


July 2017


Sunday, July 9


Rick Guthmann


"Evidence-Based Medicine: What It Is, How It Works, and Its Limitations"

Dr. Guthmann will discuss the origins of evidence-based medicine in the practice of medicine, the definition of evidence-based medicine, and how it works. The discussion will involve background on how we know what we know and its limitations. He will review what the medical community knows now, might know in the future, and likely will never know, and how we can deal with this gap in knowledge.


Sunday, July 16


Victoria Shannon


"Hidden Voices, Hidden Pioneers: LGBT History from 1950-the Stonewall Riots in 1969"

Many people believe that the Gay Liberation Movement began with the Stonewall Riots in 1969, but the foundation for LGBT rights was being built long before Stonewall. These early LGBT pioneers are usually forgotten, but their contributions actually made the Gay Liberation Movement possible. To better understand the history of the Gay Rights Movement, it is necessary to acknowledge the brave pioneers whose voices are often hidden.



Sunday, July 23


Drew Bekius


"When Preachers Aren’t Believers: The Work of The Clergy Project"

Imagine suddenly being disqualified from your lifelong career and stripped of all academic degrees. Imagine then losing your marriage and family—even being cut off from your entire community. All of this in addition to an identity crisis like none other. Such is the plight of religious leaders who no longer believe in God—lose everything or keep on preaching as if nothing has changed. But The Clergy Project (TCP) offers something more. Join TCP president Drew Bekius as he shares about their important work helping post-faith pastors, priests, nuns, rabbis, monks, and imams in 34 countries around the world.


Sunday, July 30


Julia Julstrom-Agoyo


"Today's Southeast Asia: Experiences from a Fulbright Grant Year in Malaysia"

Julia will describe her Fulbright grant purpose in Malaysia and the outcome, including a brief historical overview of racial and religious tensions since independence and how that plays out today in modern-day Malaysia. She will then provide a cross-comparison to the other Southeast Asian countries she visited: Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand, Burma/Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka.


August 2017


Sunday, August 6


Glenda Kenyon


"Fair Housing: Why You Should Be Engaged"


Glenda Kenyon, who works as a property manager, will describe fair housing regulations. She will explain why we can't just leave it up to the professionals and government to sort it out--whole communities have to be participating in fair housing for it to work as intended.


Sunday, August 13


Bobby Jackson


"Storm chasing: Is it Really Like in 'Twister'?"


Storm chasing, often overdramatized in movies such as "Twister" and "Into the Storm," is, while still a dangerous undertaking, a much more mundane yet still thrilling experience than Hollywood makes it out to be. Bobby will share his personal experiences chasing thunderstorms that have produced hail and tornadoes in Illinois, Missouri, and Iowa. Many misconceptions about storm chasing will also be debunked.


Sunday, August 20


John Ungashick


"The Syllabus of Errors, the Church versus the Modern World"

In 1864 Pope Pius IX issued the Syllabus of Errors which was a list of 80 statements which he considered erroneous. They were a direct attack on liberalism, modernism, moral relativism and the secularization of society. John will cover the religious and political situation in mid 19th century Europe which led to the issuance of the syllabus, discuss the syllabus itself and then relate certain items which he personally experienced as a 1950's Catholic School kid and how the Second Vatican Council in the mid 1960's steered Catholic teaching in a different direction although some proponents of the Syllabus still exist in the Church.


Sunday, August 27


Creative Writers Showcase


Our Creative Writers group will once again share some of their original works. They will share with us some of their process of writing new pieces based on a theme, and then we'll all get to try our hand at writing a short piece, too.








July 8
8:00 pm 

Singer/Songwriter Larry Mesirow


$8 suggested donation includes refreshments.

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