Our programs are on Sunday mornings from 10:30 a.m. to noon and are free and open to the public. Our Sunday School for children is closed for the summer, and will return on Sunday, September 11th. 


 July  2016


 Sunday, July 31st


Ethical Humanities Discussion

led by Ken Novak and Sue Sherman 

 "Roosevelt's Four Freedoms Today"

We'll discuss how well the world's people are faring on Roosevelt's 1941 goals–freedom of speech and expression, freedom of religion, freedom from want, and freedom from fear–and how we balance them against each other, as in campus speech conflicts.


 August  2016


 Sunday, August 7th


Dennis Harpole

 Technical Service Engineer, ArcelorMittal Long Products Canada

 "'Your service has been valuable...' 30+ Years of Change in the Steel Industry"

Dennis will discuss his years in the steel industry. When he began in 1980, there were 3 integrated steel mills on the south side of Chicago, now there are none. It took 4.5 hours to melt 200 tons of steel in an electric arc furnace, now it can be done in 90 minutes. Steel for engineered components, like automotive parts, was produced almost exclusively from large ingots, poured into cast iron molds, one 100-200 ton batch (heat) at a time. Now 10 or more heats can be cast without stopping into sections that can be rolled directly into finished product. ‘Mini-mills’ like Nucor and Gerdau have taken over reinforcing and construction steel and are making in-roads into the auto industry. Steelworkers had great benefits including 13 week sabbaticals and premium healthcare, but in recent years several thousand retirees have seen their pensions dumped into the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) for pennies on the dollar and healthcare is often limited to high deductible plans. A lot has changed in 36 years.



 Sunday, August 14th


Kim McWhorter

"Working With Pets"

EHS member Kim McWhorter will describe her journey that began with volunteering at a cat shelter and evolved to working at an animal hospital. She will be joined by friends she has made along the way, Dr. Cyndi Olsen, a veterinarian who is also Illinois Director of the Paw Project and Mary Veeneman who is a board member to talk about Harmony House for Cats.



 Sunday, August 21st


Mignon de Klerk and Kara Malenfant

 "Bringing the World Home: Stories of the Peace Corps"

In addition to helping other countries meet their needs for trained people and promoting a better understanding of the U.S., an important third goal of the U.S Peace Corps is to promote a better understanding of other peoples among Americans. When they return home, Volunteers bring their knowledge and experiences—and a global outlook—that enriches the lives of those around them. Hear about the experiences of EHS members Mignon De Klerk and Kara Malenfant who served in Zimbabwe and the Republic of Armenia in the 1990s. Learn about the history food, language, music, and culture of these two countries and about the lasting impact of the Peace Corps in the lives of these former Volunteers.



 Sunday, August 28th


Creative Writers Showcase


Our annual Creative Writers Showcase will feature a wide-ranging program of original stories, essays, memoirs, and poems by a group of our talented members and friends. Once again, our audience will have an opportunity to participate by writing a short piece based on a photo that will shared during the program.


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