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Our Sunday School for children meets concurrently.


October 2017


Sunday, October 22


Canice Prendergast


"Contemporary Art and its Market"

Canice Prendergast is the W. Allen Wallis Distinguished Service Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago and also head of the critically acclaimed and award winning contemporary art collection at the University’s Business School. Prendergast will describe the collection’s role and evolution, and the strangeness of navigating the art market.


Sunday, October 29


Sharon Welch


"The Soul of Democracy"

Professor Sharon Welch, of the Unitarian Universalist Theological School in Chicago (Meadville Lombard), will describe what she sees as the struggle for the very soul of democracy: interdependence, reason, compassion, respect for all human beings, and stewardship of the natural world that sustains us. While the threats to democracy are real and growing, people throughout the world are also combating authoritarianism and working together to revitalize an inclusive and expansive democracy. Professor Welch will provide perspective on how to understand these rising threats and the vital ways that they can be countered.


November 2017


Sunday, November 26


Garry Cooper


"What Does a Scientist Look Like?!: Diversity in Science"

Dr. Cooper will tell us about his company, Rheaply, his personal experiences as a scientist, and the importance of well-funded, well-managed science in Chicago. As an African American who is also a neuroscientist and entrepreneur, Cooper is familiar with the challenges and discomfort of being one of the few, or only, blacks in science. Now, he considers it a passion of his to make himself visible and available to other aspiring scientists of color.







Oct 14
8:00 pm 

Kristin Lems

The Second Saturday Coffeehouse delights in welcoming back folksinger/songwriter Kristin Lems to open our twelfth year of music and spoken word. 

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