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Our programs are on Sunday mornings from 10:30 a.m. to noon and are free and open to the public. 



November  2014





• Michael Gurin, CEO of CogniTek, a company specializing in clean energy solutions, will speak on Sunday, November 30th, on "The Unique Flavor of a Chicago Technology Hub." Mr. Gurin will present an entrepreneur's perspective on the representative government/private/university technology initiatives in the Chicago area such as the proposed digital manufacturing hub in Goose Island and 1871 at the Merchandise Mart. He will also give his perspective on the ability of a technology hub to prosper in Chicago analogous of Silicon Valley to Palo Alto. He will present his experiences with various government/private touch points in his commercial development of technology and how they have contributed to successful R&D and commercialization efforts.









• Stephen Asma, professor of philosophy at Columbia College Chicago, will speak Sunday, December 7th, on "Lessons from Galileo’s Trial." Professor Asma will discuss the sequence of events that culminated in the trial and conviction of Galileo Galilei for heresy. He will describe the discoveries that Galileo made, explain how these findings challenged the orthodoxy of the Roman Catholic church, and discuss the role that the church played in his trial and sentencing.










• Nicholas Epley,  University of Chicago psychologist, will speak Sunday, January 11th, on "Mindwise: How We Understand What Others Think, Believe, Feel, and Want." Epley will tell us what scientists have learned about our abilities to understand the most complicated puzzle on the planet—other people—and the surprising mistakes we so routinely make. Why are we sometimes blind to the minds of others, treating them like objects or animals instead? Why do we sometimes talk to our cars, or the stars, as if there is a mind that can hear us? Why do we so routinely believe that others think, feel, and want what we do when, in fact, they do not? And why we do we believe we understand our spouses, family, and friends so much better than we actually do? His talk will not turn others into open books, but it will give you the wisdom to revolutionize how you think about them—and yourself.









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