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Our programs are on Sunday mornings from 10:30 a.m. to noon and are free and open to the public. 





April  2015




•  Ian Harris, a popular skeptic/atheist comedian, joins us on Sunday, April 5th for "Using Humor to Change Minds." Harris will tell us how he uses humor to get people thinking critically, bridging the gap to discussing “off-limits” topics and promoting critical thinking and secularism in entertainment.


Harris will be bringing his live comedy show to our auditorium on April 4th, with shows at 8 p.m. and 10 p.m.


"Critical & Thinking" is a hilarious, skeptic take on religion and common beliefs. Joining him will be Chicago's own Daryl Moon. More info here:










•  Conor Robinson, director of the Humanist Service Corps, speaks Sunday, April 12th, on “Effective Volunteering—The Humanist Pathfinders Project.” Robinson will talk about his two-year experience overseas in working for projects sponsored by the Foundation Beyond Belief on clean water, education, human rights, and environmental protection.












Our Annual Spring Festival, led by Tom Hoeppner and Katherine Ross, is April 19th. We'll celebrate Earth Day and the seasonal renewal of life. Our Sunday School children will display their musical talents and present a short play, and give us colorful spring flowers in hand-painted pots for planting in our home gardens.









•  Eric Zorna popular columnist for the Chicago Tribune, speaks on Sunday, April 26th, on “Emanuel or Garcia and Rauner: What Now for Illinois?” Zorn will discuss the results of the recent scrappy elections for mayor of Chicago and governor of Illinois. He will give his views on what lies ahead for us on such crucial issues as social services, labor relations, economic development, taxes, and pensions.







May  2015







•  AJ Chalom, Humanist Giving Program Coordinator for Foundation Beyond Belief, speaks on Sunday May 3rd, on "Humanist Giving – Together." Chalom will introduce the reality that religious people give more to charity than non-believers. She will discuss why it is important for secular people to increase their visibility within the philanthropic world, and she will show examples of the best practices used to identify worthy beneficiaries we can support.







•  Russell Tomar, M.D., a physician-scientist with accreditation in Clinical Pathology, Immunopathology, and Allergy and Immunology, joins us on Sunday, May 10th, to discuss his book, Don't Stop Dreaming: Sex, Death, Fear, Bigotry, and Greed: A Scientist-Physician's Odyssey at the Dawn of AIDS, a memoir of his journey as a physician-scientist through the dawn of the AIDS epidemic. His story provides insights into the struggles between fact and ignorance, compassion and bigotry, fear and courage as the AIDS epidemic unfolded in the United States and around the world.







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Sunday School for children runs concurrently, September - May

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Ian Harris

"Critical and Thinking"
Saturday, April 4th,
8 & 10 p.m.


If you are a fan of clever comedy with an edge, don't miss this unique opportunity to see Ian Harris, a comedian who has been called “Hilarious and irreverent! A secular hero for free speech.”


Joining him will be Chicago's own Daryl Moon. Tickets for the Saturday shows are $15 and available at Enter "EHSMember" at checkout to save $5. See Ian's Facebook event for more information. 


Ian Harris: Critical & Thinking Promo Video

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