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Our programs are on Sunday mornings from 10:30 a.m. to noon and are free and open to the public. Our Sunday School for children runs concurrently.




April 2014







John Edel, founder and Executive Director of The Plant, an organization devoted to urban farming, speaks Sunday, April 27th, on “Future Farming in Our Cities.” Edel will describe how he is using biomimicry and aquaponics in an old industrial building in Chicago to create a vertical farm. He will discuss how he is creating jobs, fostering local food businesses, and reusing the wastes of neighboring industries to generate power.









May 2014






Joni King, a Chicago Fire Department EMT/Paramedic for 13 years, speaks May 4th on "My Job as a Paramedic."









Karen Alter, professor of political science and law at Northwestern University and a permanent visiting professor at the iCourts Center of Excellence, University of Copenhagen School of Law, speaks Sunday, May 11th, on “What can International Courts do about Territorial Disputes?” Alter will discuss her award winning book “The New Terrain of International Law.” She will explain what “new style” international courts have done and where they face limits in their reach and ability to enforce rulings. The talk will draw on specific examples of what the law says, can do and cannot do about ongoing disputes in Ukraine, South China seas and elsewhere.






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Sunday School for children runs concurrently, September - May

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Roy Zimmerman

"Blue Dot Tour"

May 9th, 7pm 

Sponsored by FFRFMCC

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"Humanism at Work" Conference 

Sponsored by

Foundation Beyond Belief

July 18 - 20, 2014

Hilton Rosemont, Chicago/O'Hare


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